Tuesday, November 17, 2009


One of the earliest sayings that we learn by rote in our childhood days has the F word in it..A friend in need is a friend indeed!! I remember writing a 10 point 'essay' on the topic 'My Friend' during my english lectures innumerable times and invariably ending it with..yes you guessed it right: 'A friend in need....' :)

Who is this person? Rather, what is this person?? What goes on in our mind and his when we both start treading on the path of friendship? We all of a sudden start expecting and demanding things of them which we don't even think of mentioning to our relatives..We merrily toss their stuff in our bags and say 'Now forget about this pal, you'll get it back if i care to remember!' We don't call them at a fixed time of the day like we call our parents and even siblings..We just call them and don't bother about anything else..And pour out our daily little emotions on them..We go out with them and slap them, tease them, play pranks on them and pull off everything that our crooked minds can imagine..

Given all this and much more, friends are indeed indispensable..They are not the fillers of our life, but those with whom we relate and grow up with..They are the ones who initiate us into the world of relationship building and nurturing..A world which is real, where not everyone is related to you and where you have to carve your own niche..Friends are in a way the bridge between your days as a child and your days as a parent..And this part of the life where most emotional support plays a vital role in your development into an adult..
Friendship is also a unique relationship because of the thinly defined structure that it holds..There is no official stamp to this bonding that humans exhibit..Moreover, it is an option which is exercised and the option to exit is even more simpler..but coincidentally enough, true friendships last for a lifetime and are known to grow stronger as time evolves..This may or may not been seen in blood relations..

While being dependable in testing times, friends can also be a reality check and keep oneself grounded during times of success...They remind of where one came from and the hardships which he had to go through for achieving that kind of success..

KK's song on friendship sums it best:
Yaaron, dosti badi hi haseen hai.. Ye na ho to, kya phir, bolo yeh zindagi hai.. Koi to ho razdaar.. Begaraz tera ho yaar.. Koi to ho raazdaar..
Teri har ek buraee pe dante woh dost.. Gham ki ho dhoop to saaya bane tera woh dost.. Nache bhi woh teri khushi mein..

Finally, here's thanking all my friends out here who read this blog and keep pushing me all the while to go on! U guys rock! Thank you doston! This post is for you and just for you :)