Thursday, October 8, 2009

Of mind numbing movies...

I have lately been watching a lot of..Well..a lot of odious shite..Crap in its purest state..Three examples that come to mind are...

1. Kambakkht Ishq: The first word of the title completely describes what the audience would think of this big piece of junk once they are into the 2nd minute of the movie..Yes, that is how long it takes to decipher what ultimate trauma is in store..The most repeated joke on which the writer falls back again and again AND again is the one in which one female whose name is 'Kaamini' is called 'Kamini' (Female for Kamina in Hindi) by almost everyone else in the movie and everyone laughs vulgarly in reaction to this. What originality! My personal favourite is the scene where the entire who's who of hollywood stand up in honour of what they think is the Indian National Anthem when in fact they are hearing the vedic chants of 'Om Mangalam' emanating from Akshay Kumar's stomach because of a watch which was intentionally left inside by the stuntmen-abhorring, model-cum-surgeon Kareena Kapoor..Couldn't help but wonder why in the good lord's name did the crazy producers invest in such a moth infested script and further add to their cup of woes by roping in celebs much past their prime (beyond recognition now) like Denise Richards, Brandon Routh, Sylvester Stallone and Holly Valance...

2. Life Partner:

Thumb Rule 1 - Do not watch ANY movie that has Fardeen Khan in it

Thumb Rule 2 - Do not watch ANY movie that has Fardeen Khan in a guest appearance

Thumb Rule 3 - Do not watch ANY movie that has anything to do with Fardeen Khan

3. Cruel Intentions - Utterly Predictable. Utterly trite. Utterly USA. Utterly dumb. Utterly sexist. Utterly full of cliches. Utterly cruel on the audience.


  1. Aaaah.. now I know why u have decided to sacrifice ur prime years watching such horrible movies.. it's for the greater good. God, forgive me.. I was so wrong about Vivek :) Nice post.

  2. This is so true ... Totally agree with you

  3. @ Aish: What exactly is the point of agreement? :)