Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Several times...

I have lost all track n count. But the number is still a single digit. I'm talking about the vain attempts i have made at starting a blog and sticking to it. So did a bit of reengineering and lo behold..A whole new blog space! And i hereby solemnly resolve to stick to it :)

Life's philosophies is somehow the most favoured topic of bloggers around the world..'I shalt try and not give into temptation'..

I have one thought clouding my mind predominantly right now..And that is how time and light have perhaps the same velocity..'Cos that is how time flies..One just can't fathom the importance of time enough..For me, it is far more complex than many other perplexing theories..People all around the world are always paranoid about some aspects of it..Like getting late, like the time being not auspicious, like not timing a speech well etc. However, how about pondering over the concept of time itself..We often say things like 'since time immemorial' and 'time and tide wait for none' etc. but we don't appreciate the perenniality and infinity of time like we do of the universe..Having said that, theorists propound a beginning and end of the universe but time never 'began' and will never 'end' isn't the mystery of time more exciting than that of the universe?

If you have the time, please pour in your thoughts :)


  1. Welcome to Blog-O-Sphere!!!

    Looking forward to all those pearls of wisdom from Nair's stable in this space!! Cheers!!!

  2. im going to be brutal - no inane niceties

    use paragraphs
    punctuate well
    and i personally found the usage of 'perenniality' too pretentious

    Otherwise - i like the depth ;) of ur impending thoughts

    and i shant voluntarily read

  3. @ Nitin - Thanks Pro Bro...
    @ Amileen - Would have loved to see the punctuations in your thoughts above as well :)

  4. as someone who undertook this journey and failed... i must say this is not an easy task...

    may the force be with you nair...

    ATB.. :D

  5. Way to go Nair! Here's hoping you continue with this... :)